Mute Expression Scenographic & Design Studio

About Mute Expression

Similar to silent movies, in their time, Spaces and furnitures designs endeavours to tell a moment in space.
It shows but doesn’t say, suggests but doesn’t obligate.
It leads the spectators to appreciate what has been shown and inspires thought in its form. 
It offers a reality of the world, A facet, a more or less realistic spectrum, 
a reflection ..


Mute Expression, the commercial project of Mathieu van den Bergh, is a Belgian studio of design & scenography, serving the up-market sector as well as private projects. 
Assisted by a team of experts (graphic designer, architect, engineer,...) we design pop-up, showrooms, window-shops, furnitures, catwalk, exhibitions, ...

But much of all, we create univers. Our Playground: all the spaces. Our limits: the sky and above.


Mute Expression
Chaussée de Charleroi 159, 1060 Brussels - Belgium.
mail :
Tel : 0491 08 49 94